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I have to make music to be happy.  It has nothing to do with fame or fortune.  I sing, play guitar, drums, bass, piano, and a few other instruments.  I also produce and mix recordings for multiple genres of music.

I record a few styles of music.  My 1st style is a Pop Country style with a sprinkle of Bluegrass.  I like to call it Pop-grass.  My second style is a guitar driven Rock style with a Positive message.  I like to call it Posi-Rock.  My third style is a hybrid mix of EDM and Rock delivered with my southern vocal style.  I like to call it EDG (short for Electronic Disco Grass)

I got interested in songwriting while attending the University of Kentucky.  That initial spark turned into a flame and now its an everyday part of my life.  My songs are about everyday livin', love, and family.

After college I became obsessed with recording music.  I couldn't afford to use the big recording studios so I maxed out 6 credit cards to purchase professional recording equipment.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than writing a song and hearing it come to life in my home studio.

When I'm not making music I enjoy working out, water sports, and driving fast cars.  I also love to spend time with my family and friends.   I look forward to meeting you soon!